Thanksgiving Week Support

Hi Everyone! Thanksgiving week is so freaking hard for those who are grieving. I get asked LOTS during this season, how can I survive the holidays? The second most popular question lately is how the heck do I support my friend/partner/neighbor who is grieving?
I have some ideas!

If you are the one who is grieving,

  1. BUILD MARGINS to give your brain space.
  2. SLEEP is one of the things my body needs when I’m in deep grief. I go to bed early, take naps, and choose to get hard stuff done earlier in the day so I can decompress at night.
  3. MOVE – move your body. This one is hard for me. I want to stay on the sofa or in my bed and do whatever it takes to NOT move. However, I know that movement actually HELPS grief so I do it. Sometimes I make myself go to a yoga class or take a walk. I have been known to drive to the yoga studio and not have the emotional energy to go inside so I just walk in the parking lot for an hour and go home. Sad? Yep. Effective? Also yep.

To support friends who are grieving,

  1. Take a look at my thoughts above and jump in!
  2. Tell your grieving person that you are already going to the grocery store/bank/dry cleaners/etc and ask what they need when you are there.
  3. Does your friend have kids or family members that need to be cared for? Jump in so they can sleep or turn off their brain. When my dad died, so many friends delivered meals and offered to hang out with my kiddo so I could breathe.
  4. TAKE your friends for a walk! Drive them to the yoga class or the gym. Bonus points if you have a cute dog and said dog needs a walk.
Alrighty people, you can do hard things. Message me if I can help!
– Sarah aka The Good Grief Coach

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